High Performance Camp 23rd July

High Performance Camp 23rd July 23rd - 30th Jul, '21

Do you think you have what it takes?

Our High Performance Camp has very limited spaces and is for passionate low single figure handicap golfers. Contact us for more details...

St Andrews Golf Camp Timeline
High Performance Camp 23rd July
High Performance Camp 23rd July

St Andrews - Our home town

St Andrews is an old and magical town, steeped in history, fairy tales and golf. Infamously known the world over as The Home of Golf and an Open Venue, it is a dream for every golfer to visit and play. This makes St Andrews a once in a lifetime golfing destination for many every year, and a very special and inspirational place for juniors to come and walk in the footsteps of great golfing legends. This alone makes visiting the hallowed golfing turf around St Andrews an unforgettable experience which will stay with juniors their whole life.
During their time at camp, juniors get to embrace the magic of life in St Andrews and be part of a beautiful community with all its history and traditions. Each evening we dine at different restaurants around the town allowing the juniors to get a ‘taste of Scotland', although they don’t have to try haggis unless they want to! They will receive a tour of the town where they get a chance to see the historic sites of St Andrews Castle, the Cathedral, and the Old Course itself, with the R&A Clubhouse, Swilken Bridge and the 1st and 18th holes. The town is also home to two stunning beaches, golf shops and of course the British Golf Museum which they too will get a chance to explore. Spending time in this ancient and very special town with friends from across the world, will not only broaden their appreciation of the golfing world, but is guaranteed to be an incredible cultural experience they will never forget.