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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Look below to see if we already have the answer ready for you!

If you can’t find the information you are looking for below, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, we would be more than happy to help!

How do I book my child on a golf camp?

To book a junior onto one of our golf camps, please click on the “Register now” link available on our homepage. Once you have completed a few details we will then be in touch to confirm you child’s spot on our camps and provide you with payment information and registration. 

Do you have an age range?

We accept juniors onto our camps between the ages of 9 and 17 years old.  

Do you have a booking deadline?

There is no specific booking deadline, rather we take bookings until all the spaces on our camps are full. However, if you have a specific date and camp in mind, we would encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment as we only have limited places and our camps fill up fast!

Is a 10-night camp long enough?

We have been running for 8 years now and feel we have the perfect formula for length of stay for each of our golf camps.

As you will see most of the camps are 10 nights long, but we also do a few 7-night camps.  We believe that 7 nights is the perfect duration for our Introduction to Links Golf Campers, and as a stepping stone onto our Development camp.

Our Development Camps in July are all 10 nights long. We run one in August for 7 nights and always have a few juniors who stay for both 10 then 7-night camps.

We believe and research over the years has proven that 10 nights is the perfect length for our Development Campers, it gives them time to immerse themselves in their St Andrews Golf Camp experience of playing golf and coaching every day, having a lot of fun and making a lot of new friends. It is also the ideal chance for international juniors to develop their English-speaking abilities: going home much improved and more confident communicators and golfers!!   A week just isn’t quite long enough for these keen enthusiastic campers. 

Many juniors stay for 2 or more camps and this is of course an option, speak to us about potential discounted rates for 2 or more camp bookings.

What does my child need to bring to St Andrews Golf Camp?

On our webpage, you can find a list of what to bring for camp, with each junior needing their own set of clubs, enough golf clothing, and a pair of golf shoes each. After booking, we will send out a more comprehensive list with everything you will need to pack!

How much money should they bring with them?

We would recommend for juniors to bring a minimum amount of £10 spending money per day for snacks, as well as £6 per day for a trolley on the course. Then any extra you may wish to give them for purchase of souvenirs or gifts from St Andrews. 

English isn’t my child’s first language; will this be a challenge?

Although we strongly encourage juniors to have at least a basic understanding of the English language, please do not worry if your child struggles a little. We have multilingual members of staff and we will always try to help in any way we can if they find it difficult. We want to make sure they have the best time possible whilst here, and get the most out of their coaching, golf and new friends!

Can I stay in touch with my child during the golf camp?

Yes, of course you can! Our accommodation, St Leonards, offers wireless internet access so juniors may wish to use their smart phone, or tablet to communicate with people back home. This will generally be encouraged to happen in the evening when they have some time to relax, it’s not encouraged during the day as we have activities organised and don’t want them to always be on their phones or devices, so we don’t encourage this.

Staff will always be only a phone call away and available to speak with parents if they have any questions and at any time of the day. 

Is there a mobile phone/device policy?

St Andrews Golf Camp does have a mobile device policy which is detailed in our terms and conditions available upon booking. We encourage juniors to use their devices for contacting family and taking photographs whilst here. As a team, we also use WhatsApp to provide essential information to the juniors through a group chat. However, we try to discourage overuse of the device for gaming or social media and monitor this use especially during meal times and on the course. We want the juniors to get to know each other as much as possible during their stay and phones or handheld devices can most often prove to be a distraction. Our juniors are here to have a fantastic time, making memories and friends for life. 

How many campers will there be on each golf camp?

The number of juniors will vary slightly depending on each type of camp. Yet, regardless of which camp you choose, our numbers allow for us to ensure the juniors to get the most out of their time with us, especially in terms of coaching, golf and recreational time making friends – fun is guaranteed!  

Do I need to provide bed linen and towels for my child?

No, all fresh bed linen and towels are provided by our accommodation, therefore there is no need to pack extra. However, you are more than welcome to pack a swimming towel as we have access to the pool, and any other home comforts your child may wish to bring with them.

My child has allergies and dietary requirements. Will they still be accommodated for?

Absolutely. Please do not worry at all if your child has any allergies or dietary requirements, this will not be a problem. St Leonards prides itself on being a nut-free school, and although every restaurant and clubhouse we dine in cannot guarantee their dishes do not contain traces of an allergen, they each follow strict allergen guidelines to prevent this. If your child suffers from any dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know in advance and we can prepare! They will be well looked after.  

My child needs to take regular medication, can the staff help with this?

Of course, we can. We have staff who are first aid trained and have experience in administering medical treatment or medication under medical guidance should they need to. Please be sure to let us know of any health conditions and details, or medications ahead of time and we can prepare. You child is in safe hands with our team!

Where will my son/daughter stay during the camp?

St Andrews Golf Camp is delighted to be able to offer fantastic, safe, and very comfortable accommodation in the very heart of the town. We have exclusive access to one of Europe’s leading International Private Boarding Schools, St Leonard’s. It is here where the juniors will enjoy staying in beautifully traditional student accommodation, with access to the amazing sporting facilities, games rooms and breakfast facilities on site. For us, St Leonards is the perfect place for any international junior to stay and immerse themselves in the St Andrews community. 

Is it possible for my child to share a room with a friend they know is coming, or any siblings?

Yes, absolutely! St Leonards boasts a range of single, twin or triple student rooms, so please just let us know ahead of time who your child would like to share with and we will do our best to make sure that happens! We can completely understand how much fun and how comforting sharing a room with someone you already know is when you are away from home.

However, please note, it is St Andrews Golf Camp Policy for boys and girls to sleep in different areas of the accommodation, therefore it will not be possible for boys and girls to share.

Is it possible for my child to stay with me locally and attend the camp?

We know it’s hard letting go and being parents ourselves we really do get this. However, over the years we have concluded that it’s much better for the juniors to all stay together at our accommodation.   This way they immediately make friends and are not isolated from the group.  You will have lots of time to help them settle in and join our arrival BBQ where you can meet staff and other parents.  If you are staying locally its ok to take your child to dinner one of the evenings, just don’t be offended when they make friends and then don’t want to leave!  

Can I come and watch my child play golf and attend the award ceremony?

Due to health and safety and other policies we are unable to have parents join us at any stage of our camps.  We can of course help you set up any golf or coaching of your own before or after our camps, so you can get a bit more of a taste for what we do and enjoy a game of golf with your son/daughter or family member. 

Are the flights included in the price of the camps?

The flights are not included in the price of the camps. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to arrange flights once their child has secured their place on the camps. However, if you have any questions or require any advice on which flight to book, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to advise you on which flight would be best!

Which airport should my child fly into?

Edinburgh airport is the airport to fly into.  It’s the closest to St Andrews as only 1-hour drive.  A St Andrews Golf Camp member of staff will be there to meet juniors coming off the flight on arrival day and take them back to St Andrews. They will be fully uniformed and holding a St Andrews Golf Camp sign. They will also be at the airport to check juniors in to their flights on the departure day, to ensure all goes smoothly.   

Group transfers to and from Edinburgh airport on arrival and departure day are included in the price of the camps.

Is there a train station near to St Andrews?

Yes of course. Leuchars train station is only 5 mins from St Andrews and we are more than happy to collect the juniors and or family from there on arrival day and drop off on departures days. Leuchars is only 1-hour train journey from the centre of Edinburgh. It’s a very scenic train route with no changes.

I am unable to find a flight for arrival and departure days, what do I do?

If you are struggling to find a suitable flight, please do not hesitate to ask us for help. We would be more than happy to assist or advise you.

I am looking to accompany my child and play golf myself during my stay, can you help me with this?

Yes, absolutely! Our sister company St Andrews Golf Travel specialises in providing bespoke, luxury golfing experiences in the Home of Golf and would be delighted to help you make plans!

Please visit for more info

I am looking to accompany my child and spend time in St Andrews and surrounding areas. Could you possibly advise me of places to visit or where to stay whilst I am there?

Of course, we can! As local residents, we would be happy to advise and help arrange any trips or excursions during your time in St Andrews. We want you to have the best possible experience whilst here and end up loving St Andrews as much as we do!

Will my child be safe and well looked after during their stay?

Absolutely. At St Andrews Golf Camp, the safety and well-being of our juniors is of paramount importance. Our experienced staff are on hand 24/7 to ensure the juniors’ safety and happiness during their stay with us. We want them to have the best possible experience whilst in the Home of Golf. Having exclusive access to St Leonards makes our accommodation an incredibly secure environment for the juniors to stay in whilst they are here. St Andrews is renowned as being a very safe university town, offering a very relaxed and fun environment for our juniors to have the experience of a lifetime.

Who will be supervising my child?

St Andrews Golf Camp is delighted to have several highly experienced and certified staff members. We are all PVG Checked, First Aid Trained and are committed to ensuring the safety and happiness of our juniors throughout their stay. Staying with the juniors around the clock, our staff specialise in taking the very best care of our young golfers, getting to know them very well. Each junior will be assigned to a staff member who is on hand to help them with anything they need at any time.

Do I need to take out travel insurance for my child?

Yes. All juniors must take out suitable travel insurance ahead of their visit to the Home of Golf. Once your child’s spot on the camps is confirmed, you will be sent our registration forms along with our T&C’s which give more details.  If you need any assistance or advice on which travel insurance would be best to purchase, again please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does a typical day at St Andrews Golf Camp look like?

A typical day will depend on the type of camp your junior chooses. By clicking here, you can get a better idea of what a day in the life of a junior at St Andrews Golf Camp will look like.

Which golf courses will my child play?

All our golf camps allow our juniors access to play some of the finest links courses in and around St Andrews during their stay. The courses each junior will play will depends on which type of camp the junior is coming on. 

Will my child play the famous Old Course?

In an ideal world we would love this!  Unfortunately, no they won’t as part of their package.  Its incredibly tuff to get onto The Old Course and we are unable to book tee times for our juniors.  Our sister company is however an authorised provider and have access to guaranteed Old Course tee times each year.  We would happily help with this, just let us know when your registering your child.

What other types of activities are offered at the camp?

Even the keenest of golfers needs a rest sometimes! That is why we are excited to offer a host of different activities that do not involve golf clubs or balls! Most of these will take place in the evenings for our juniors to participate in. During the camps, the juniors will be put into teams, which will allow for fun competitions both on and off the golf course. After dinner, there will be the chance to join in on a number of fun games, including football, tennis, beach volleyball, ping-pong and pool. We also host a movie evening in the local Byre Theatre.

Who coaches the juniors?

All of our golf coaching takes place at the 5* St Andrews Links Academy where our juniors are taught by a world class team of PGA Qualified Professionals. They, like us, are committed to providing our juniors with a phenomenal learning experience so they can return home much improved in the game they love.

Do they have specific coaching groups?

Their coaching groups are made up based on the juniors’ golfing ability.  

Although this may mean that they are not in a coaching group with their friends they came to camp with, please be assured that there will be lots of opportunity for them to play together on the course and mix during our relaxation time. It also allows for juniors to spend time with and make new friends from across the world!

Where does the coaching take place?

We are lucky enough to be the only golf camp who have access to our very own VIP facilities down at The Links Academy.  Where better for our juniors to improve their game than where it all started!!   Only a stone throw from The Old course, it’s an inspirational place to learn and practice their game.  Utilising the latest cutting-edge technology and instructional techniques you can’t beat our coaches and their commitment and professionalism to each and every one of our juniors.